Welcome to website of Albertiana and the Subcommission on Triassic Stratigraphy. The primary mission of Albertiana is to promote the interdisciplinary collaboration and understanding among members of the Subcommission on Triassic Stratigraphy and the Triassic community at large. In its new hybrid digital form, Albertiana publishes peer-reviewed original research articles, literature reviews, meeting announcements and commentary relevant to the Triassic community and in particular the development of Triassic stratigraphy and its time scale.  Articles and announcements published in Albertiana are posted here in a blog-style format and archived (by volume) as fully-formatted pdf issues at year end.

The Subcommission on Triassic Stratigraphy (STS), under the auspices of the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) and International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS), is charged with the establishment of a standard, globally applicable stratigraphic scale for the Triassic system.

Information regarding the activities and workings of the STS, its executive, membership, and reports can be found under the Subcommission menu.